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Caron Pipe Jacking can provide:

Drilling and Blasting:

Pipe Jacking:
Sizes ranging from 42" to 144" diameter pipes and distances from 40' to 500' using hydraulic jacks and a steering shield fro line & grade.
Pipe jacking can be utilized in ledge, boulders and or a mixed face by controlled blasting techniques.

Horizontal Boring:
Sizes range from 12" to 42" diameter pipes and distance ranging from 40' to 200' using a boring machine and augers with a 5% tolerance.

Installation of Box Culverts:
Installed b ythe same method as the jacking procedure. Sizes ranging from 7' to 14'.

Carrier Pipe:
Installation of carrier pipes within the jacked casing.

Rock Removal Non Blasting;
Boulders can be removed by drilling, splitting, wedging at the heading.

Running Soils:
In soils that cannot be dewatered by conventional methods (deep wells, well points) soil stabilization is often used to provide a firm and dry tunnel heading.

Steering Shields:
Caron Pipe Jacking, Inc. can fabricate steering shields with hydraulics for R.C.P. 42" to 120" and steel casings 42" to 140" for direct sale or rental. Steering shields can be fabricated for elliptical pipes and culverts.

Removal of Obstructions, Wood Piles, Wood Cribbing, Granite Blocks, Boulders, etc:
When obstructions are encountered, the one foot plug of soil in the steering shield is removed. The shield is jacked (pushed) tight again the obstruction. The obstruction is then cut, chipped, drilled or split for removal. Poling plates and breasting boards are utilized as required. Prior to jacking the shield forward, after the obstruction is removed, the void is back packed with soil, sand bags and or hay. Upon completion of the entire jacked length, special attention is paid during grouting of the area where the obstructions were removed.

Upon comlpetion of the jacked length, grout is pumped through the grout nipples (installed in the pipe) using a Wilden Model M8 pump with mixer and gauges, to unsure against laten voids.

agawam, ma
Agawam, MA.
Mixed face stone wall/clay
Jacked 66" R.C.P.

wilmington, ma.
Wilmington, MA.
Removing Boulder
Jacked 42" S.C.

Manchester, N.H..
Bore 24" S.C.

Westport, CT
14' x 14' box culvert

Westport, CT
14' x 14' box culvert

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